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“The only thing that complements great food is good health”

The Butternut Co. was born out of curiosity, experiments and a firm desire to create good food. Back then, the founders were mulling over the idea of what healthy food could be. But with time and experience the perfect ingredients cam...

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Store Policies

Store Policies


Q. Do I need to refrigerate my jar after opening? How do I store this nut butter?
A: No. Storing is not really required but we would still recommend you do so. Since our nut butters are natural, they are minus any artificial preservatives. Refrigeration is often recommended for products with artificial preservatives to prevent oil separation. But we suggest you to do whatever you feel is right since refrigerating will do no harm.

Q. Are your nut butters vegan?
A: Only our bare nut butters are vegan since they do not contain honey. Rest are non-vegan since they have honey.

Q. Are there any nut butter flavors with sugar?
A: No, sorry to disappoint you. But we make nut butters which are sweet but without any sugar.

Q. Is the oil separation natural?
A: Yes, Absolutely! The oil separation is a natural quality and it exists because of the natural oil released during the nut doing process. It is safe to consume as well. Just give it a good stir and you are good to go!

Q. What is the shelf life of your nut butters?
A: All our nut butters have a shelf life of 6 months.


We do not accept returns or exchanges. If there is something wrong with your order, let Natty know within 24 hours of delivery with adequate photographs.

For more information refer to Natty's Shipping & Returns Policy

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