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About Us

Coz what you are "inside" is way more important than the outside.

Plan B is a startup that is here to bridge the gap currently faced in the children's innerwear market by creating innovative designs. The intention is to revolutionize the idea of innerwear which educate and tell a story.

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Store Policies

Store Policies

What If's

▸ How can I be sure that the product will fit my little one?
We’ve inserted a size chart with almost all products. If you’re still unsure, then just email or call us!
▸ Even after checking the size chart, what if the product doesn’t fit my little one?
No worries! We’ll send you a size that you’d like as soon as we receive the wrong size back from you!
▸ Can I return the product for any other reason?
If it ain’t broke, we can’t fix it! Sorry, no returns on innerware!

For more information refer to Natty's Shipping & Returns Policy

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