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NIIAASHI is an accessory label which was recently launched in August 2017. We work together to create minimal, contemporary designs that make a bold statement in their simplicity. Focusing on being versatile, our brand aims at becoming the predominant adaptable wear for all occasions for customers...

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Store Policies

Store Policies

Returns & Exchanges

Before you return our product, please take a moment to understand how our products are made. All our products are handcrafted by traditional craft persons in India, resulting in each piece is one of a kind. Thus your purchase may differ slightly from the image you see on the website.

Returns & Exchanges will ONLY be accepted if your order is damaged in transit or you have received the incorrect product. In case your order is damaged in transit or you have received the wrong product you may return them in exactly the way in which they were received (unworn and with original packaging). 

Please inform Natty within 48 hours of delivery of your order. Before we arrange for your damaged/incorrect product to be returned to us you are required to send us a photograph of the product, then it is up to the discretion of the team to decide whether product is approved for return. Once our Quality Control team has authorized the return for the damaged/incorrect product, Natty will arrange for a collection of the product. Once we receive the damaged/incorrect product, we shall dispatch the fresh/correct product. 

We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages during return so please ensure you pack it well. We are not liable for any returns that we were not notified about on time.

Returns are not accepted if:
Products returned in a used or damaged condition.
Due to minor colour and design variation. All products are handmade so there may be some variation from the photographs on the website.
If the jewellery is not faulty or damaged.

Jewellery Care

1.NIIAASHI jewellery is special and hand-crafted in our workshops.
2.Your jewellery should be stored in a dry place away from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures.
3.Rings and bracelets should be worn sparingly to avoid damage through impact.
4.Don´t forget to remove your rings when washing up or showering, as soap particles may become lodged in stone settings and crevices. Soaps can also leave a film over metal and stones, creating a dull appearance.
5.Store your jewellery in its own box or pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and entanglement.
6.Gentle rubbing with a silver cleaning cloth will restore the original brilliance of the surface.
7.Do not use liquid cleaners for carved silver jewellery as the liquid dries into the engraving.
8.If you wear your gold plated silver jewellery for significant periods of time, the plating will eventually wear down. To restore its appearance, you can have it re-plated.
9.Make sure your jewellery is not in regular contact with hard surfaces, which will scratch or wear down the plating or enamelling.
10.Never use detergent, soap, toothpaste etc to clean your gold plated jewellery.
11.When dressing, jewellery should always be put on last as make up, cosmetics and perfumes can cause damage to delicate items.

For more information refer to Natty's Shipping & Returns Policy

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