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Immri India is a breath of fresh air to the classic art of accessories with cultural influences and contemporary styles. It is a story of two creatives getting their unique tastes and styles together to create beautiful bags and accessories. The brainchild of the duo Smriti and Simran, ‘Immri’ off...

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Store Policies

Store Policies


Please be informed that there might be variations on the actual color and texture from what is evident in the pictures due to the technological limitations in such presentation. Also, being handmade, these variations add to the beauty and appeal of Immri’s products.

Care Instructions

1. Do not expose it to direct heat or sunlight for extended periods.
2. Keep your product dry. Avoid getting it wet or damp. To clean it, simply wipe with a dry cloth.
3. Ink stains penetrate the leather and won’t come out. Pay extra attention when using ball-points pens or markers around your item.
4. Avoid rubbing, scraping or hitting it against rough or uneven surface.
5. Leather can be rejuvenated with Vaseline. Use a soft cloth and gently apply a small amount to your product. Rub gently until the surface is shiny.
6. Do not overstuff your bag to avoid lumps and bumps.
7. Store your product in a dry, well-ventilated place away from high temperatures. Avoid using moth balls.
8. Store your product in a breathable bag or in the packaging provided with the purchase. Avoid plastic bags which prevent air circulation.

Enjoy your Immri!

Return Policy

The products are non-returnable with the exception of any manufacturing defect. In that case, the product will be exchanged. Please inform Natty via within 24 hrs of delivery of the product (with adequate images of the defect) so it can be resolved.

For more information refer to Natty's Shipping & Returns Policy

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