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Ted's Senses - Set of 5 Illustrative Storybooks

by Brainsmith


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    Product Description

    Is your little one a bibliophile or a curious reader? Are you looking to add to your child's knowledge in a fun way? Then this set of children's storybooks is just what you need. Little Ted and his friends - The Ear, Eye, Nose, Skin and Tongue want to take your little one into their world and share all the wonderful things they do for Ted.

    This set includes 5 books:
    1) I am Ted's Ear
    2) I am Ted's Eye
    3) I am Ted's Nose
    4) I am Ted's Skin
    5) I am Ted's Tongue

    Introduction to New Concepts
    Imagination and Brain Development
    Stimulation of Curiosity
    Development of Early Literacy Skills

    Natty Features

    • Specifications madeinindia

      Made In India

      Made In India This product has proudly been made in India.

    • Age: 4+ Years
    • No of Pages : 28 Pages in Each Book
    • Set of 5 Hardcover Books in a Slider Box

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