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Pastel Pens - Set of 5

by Artsy Design Co.


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    Product Description

    Boxed set of 5 gel pens in black ink, part of our #workhappy collection

    Natty Features

    • Specifications thoughtfully sourced 882198d620ae6c99a8ba0afecf74b3b997a2dc161bcf336109330d376088aeb1

      Thoughtfully Sourced

      Thoughtfully Sourced This product has been thoughtfully and specially sourced from a different corner of the world.

    • Material: Enamel
    • Dimensions: 2.7" x 7"
    • Ink Colour: Black
    • Set of 5 Pens in Pastel Colours (Pink, Peach, Blue, Lavender & Turquoise)
    • Gold Fittings

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