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Lego Chunk Bracelet

by Kassa


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    Store Policies

    Store Policies


    Please keep in mind that there might be variations on the actual color and texture from what is evident in the pictures, due to the technological limitations in such presentation. Also, being handmade, we put in best of our effort in trying to achieve that the goods are as close to the mentioned specifications. However please keep into account minor variations considering the manufacturing process.

    Care Instructions

    1. Do not expose it to direct heat or sunlight for extended periods.
    2. Keep your product dry. Avoid getting it wet or damp. To clean it, simply wipe with a dry cloth.
    3. Ink stains penetrate the leather and won’t come out. Pay extra attention when using ball-points pens or markers around your item.
    4. Avoid rubbing, scraping or hitting it against rough or uneven surface.
    5. Keep suede away from bright light which will fade the color. Also, keep them away from dampt environments which can encourage mold and mildew.
    6. If your handbag or wallet gets wet, then, allow the product to dry naturally.
    7. Do not attempt to place it near a heat source to speed up the drying process.
    8. Leather (not suede) can be rejuvenated with Vaseline. Use a soft cloth and gently apply a small amount to your product.
    9. Rub gently until surface is shiny.
    10. Keep fasteners and zips running smoothly by running pencil lead over the open teeth.
    11. Do not overstuff your bag to avoid lumps and bumps.
    12. Store your product in a dry, well-ventilated place away from high temperatures. Avoid using moth balls.
    13. Store your handbag or wallet in a breathable bag. Avoid plastic bags which prevent air circulation.
    14. To help your bags out regularly and let them ‘breathe’ to prevent any dust and mildew forming.
    NOTE: Color variation cannot be subject to rejection of goods or merchandise.
    We hope you enjoy your new leather product for years to come!

    Return Policy

    Customers may return the products within 5 working days after delivery without giving us any reason, as long as: 
    - The products are not used in any way 
    - The products are in their original packaging.
    - The product is complete.
     Please note, we don’t support freight cost for return.
    We believe in spreading delight through our products and services. Our policies are simple and upfront and we strive to make your experience delectable and delightful.
    Once the returned product is received by us in its original state and has been approved by our quality team, you shall be provided with store credit.
    Please note, the following products shall not be returned/ exchanged:
    -     Products made to order or customized as per your size.
    -     Products personalized as per your requirement.
    -     Products bought under sale/discount/seasonal offer/ special promotion.
    -     Products for which such a condition is mentioned in the product information.

    For more information refer to Natty's Shipping & Returns Policy

    Product Description

    Lego inspired chunks for the fun of it.

    Natty Features

    • Specifications handcrafted 8d5af436ef3335dba38c24bda3717a0b07b4cd0958dbdd91dcbfda5d0a135105


      Handmade This product is skilfully handmade or 'mousemade' (digital handmade).

    • Specifications madeinindia 886b0968ba0e6adba7defe150c1515891948c6e0126f804827aa3dce29126f88

      Made In India

      Made In India This product has proudly been made in India.

    • Materials: Brass
    • Dimensions: 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.15"
    • Weight: 40 gms
    • Colour: Golden
    • Care Instructions: Avoid contact with perfumes, body spray.

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