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Just-A-Minute! Gel Nail Kit - Sereni-Tea

by Ellement Co.


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    Product Description

    Our signature product – an all in one nail gel kit, an essential for every woman.

    Paint your nails with plush, pigment-rich colour from our range of fun, chic and fresh shades of JUST-A-MINUTE! GEL. Our highly glossy gel colour glides right on and stays in place for up to 3 weeks with no chipping, damage to your nail beds or yellowing.
    JAM Gel! is a specially curated formula which requires no base or top coat, dries in 60 seconds under a LED lamp and is a vegan, non-toxic, odour-free, five-free formula, safe for pregnant women and new mama's.

    This kit also includes everything you expect to find at your trusty manicurist’s station like a Japanese Red Sand nail file to get your nails prim and proper, a 9 watt LED lamp to cure the colour, a 9 ml cuticle remover, cuticle pusher, a Blush Buff and our Just-A-Minute! Gel shades Dazzling Diva and Chamomile. It also includes the gel colour removal strips “Back-to-Bare” that gets the job done in 15-20 minutes and a 7 ml Roll me on cuticle oil to nourish and strengthen nails.

    On the go, on a holiday, at lunch or at the beach, our 60 second drying formula per coat, allows you to do away with evening manicure appointments post-work or on a precious Sunday!

    Apply & remove gel at home within 20 minutes. A must-have!

    Natty Features

    • Specifications ecofriendly a500e9f7977ace16b1ef700676f388b4b5baac60aeadfcc47a1fa5ffcc3a0c03


      Sustainable This product has been made ensuring minimum harm to the environment in its production, use or disposal.

    • Specifications sociallyresponsible dfd5514f0441321c179db8cd31845c110a5eb5fd201de9b148bb95f3d7d8d8b3

      Socially Responsible

      Socially Responsible This product has been made with significant social impact.

    • Specifications thoughtfully sourced 882198d620ae6c99a8ba0afecf74b3b997a2dc161bcf336109330d376088aeb1

      Thoughtfully Sourced

      Thoughtfully Sourced This product has been thoughtfully and specially sourced from a different corner of the world.

      Kit Details
    • Material: Rexin
    • Dimensions: 20.32 x 18.2 x 8 cm
    • Weight: 666 gms
    • Perfect for a nail-lover!
    • Now achieve an incredible gel manicure in the comfort of your home or anywhere you are within just 20 minutes!
    • Portable, user-friendly. USB cable allows you to indulge in a mani-pedi, anywhere you are with a power bank, laptop, car charger or any USB friendly port.
    • Vegan, non-toxic, odour-free, five-free formula, safe for pregnant women and new mamas.

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