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Why Join Natty?

Are you a creative entrepreneur? Whether you are an independent artist, designer, chef, maker, craftsperson, curator, up-cycler or social entrepreneur; whether you run an established business or are a home-based entrepreneur, if you sell an innovative and original product, you will thrive on Natty! Join Natty today to simply yet effectively sell to thousands right from your studio.

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Simple Setup

Set up your own Store on Natty in a few simple steps. Escape the high upfront costs of developing a website and the trouble of handling logistics and an extensive customer service. We know you are busy creating awesome products so let us handle all the technical stuff!

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No Setup Fees

Joining and starting a store on Natty is free! As part of our introductory offer, list unlimited number of products with no extra fees. We only charge a commission when you make a sale. Our model is simple – we make money when you make money.

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Powerful Management Tools

Our Seller Dashboard makes it easy to manage, promote and grow your business. Use our built-in store analytics to track sales, revenue and popular products and optimize your strategy. Get valuable customer feedback through product reviews and store testimonials. We also allow customers to contact you with customization requests should you wish to accept them.

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Support and Guidance

Overwhelmed? Need help photographing your products? Refer to our Seller Handbook to do it yourself or call us for help from our photography partners who can get it done at a special Natty discount. Use our extensive Handbook for guidelines on every aspect of selling on Natty. Plus, you can always reach out to the Natty support team through our dedicated seller hotline.

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Natty’s marketing initiatives always feature you and your story alongside your products to help you establish your brand. We market it to our extensive network through our newsletter, Nattyness™, multiple social media channels and by pitching it to leading bloggers and journalists around the country. We also have some exciting ‘offline’ pop-ups in the pipeline around the country.

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We want our sellers to work on their own terms. We provide you the tools to make selling stress-free and flexible. You want to run a marketing promotion to grow your customer base? Create custom coupon codes or hold a sale with just a few clicks. Need a break? Pause sales on your store and resume them whenever you wish. We even let you decide your turnaround time and the return policy so you can stay on top of things and minimize costs.

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Unparalleled Exposure

Natty gives you the ideal platform to showcase your products, tell your story and sell to a wider group of customers directly from your workshop. We handpick every one of our sellers so you are always surrounded by the best and we are committed to maintaining our standards of quality over quantity even as we grow. So, don’t get lost in a sea of mass-production, get Natty!

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