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Your Toolkit

We provide you with all the tools to go the extra mile.

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Your Own Storefront

Get your individual storefront and make your brand stand out. Upload unlimited products for free!

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Easy Order Management

Track and manage your orders around the clock on your personal Seller Dashboard. Receive order notifications and reminders straight to your inbox.

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Advanced Statistics

Use our built-in store analytics to track sales, revenue, popular products and more. Optimize your strategy and watch your business grow.

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Multiple Payment Channels

Accept payments from customers through a variety of secure card, net banking and e-wallet options. We also offer COD.

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Promotional Tools

Run marketing promotions to grow your customer base. Easily create custom coupon codes or hold a sale at your own convenience.

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Logistics Support

Get direct package pick-ups from your doorstep through our trusted logistic partners. Generate shipping labels and manifests right from your dashboard.

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Search Engine Optimization

We do the search engine optimization to improve your visibility on search engines.

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Expert Seller Assistance

Use our extensive Seller Handbook for guidelines on every aspect of selling on Natty. Reach out to the support team through our dedicated seller hotline.

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